Meet Dr. Elizabeth Alikpala


As a dedicated dentist, I am driven by a natural ability to be accommodating and nurturing, especially when it comes to treating children. Creating a welcoming and comforting environment for young patients is a priority for me, as I understand the importance of helping them feel at ease during their dental visits. My patience knows no bounds, and I approach every treatment with a deep understanding of my patients’ needs, ensuring that I deliver care with gentleness, kindness, and unwavering patience.

When I’m not focused on providing top-notch dental care, I have a strong passion for the great outdoors. Whether I’m tending to my garden with a heart full of enthusiasm or embarking on exhilarating hikes and long walks, I find solace and joy in nature. My family plays an integral role in my life, and I relish in sharing adventures with my incredible husband and son, creating lasting memories together.

Embracing the power of self-improvement and personal growth, I often find myself engrossed in a variety of podcasts that span a wide range of subjects. This helps me broaden my horizons and expand my perspective beyond the realm of dentistry. I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and I am committed to remaining open to new ideas, concepts, and experiences that continue to enrich my life and my practice.

In all aspects of my life, whether caring for my patients or embracing the beauty of the world around me, I am driven by a passion for excellence, compassion, and continuous learning. My journey as a dentist is not only about providing exceptional dental care but also about fostering connections, embracing growth, and nurturing a sense of wonder in everything I do.